Are you a startup interested in technology entrepreneurship?

Chances are your resources are limited: so, do you invest in an MBA or your business?

How can you learn from the experts without paying through the nose?

AyalaTBI and the Asian Institute of Management, the leading business and management school in the region, are developing ten (10) business case studies on technology entrepreneurship that smart startups can download and learn from for free.

1. “The $741M Painkiller from Deadly Cone Snails”

This case shows how conopeptides, which are toxins from deadly marine conesnails found in tropical countries like the Philippines, offer a new source of drugs from marine life. It serves as an overview of some of the issues and challenges that need to be faced when developing a new drug. Click here to read.

2. “Jupiter Systems Case”

Jupiter is a local enterprise software firm that, in the past 20 years, has grown from a two-man development team to a 100-staff major player. However, operational constraints and market realities severely affected Jupiter’s future. The CEO is deciding on the future paths of Jupiter in the areas of niched segments in vehicle dealership market, outsourced services, and improved branded software. Click here to read.

3. “The Tivoli Systems Story”

This case is an anatomy of how a tech startup, co-founded by a Filipino, was conceptualized and made operational, funded and eventually acquired by a big company in the United States. It shows a real world situation of how technopreneurs really make decisions, from the technology entrepreneur’s point of view. It also shows Mr. Valdes plans for a new startup, after his first successful one. Click here to read.

Visit our website or this blog regularly for additional case studies!

SOON: TechBootCamp Case Studies!


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