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An Afternoon Spent with Entrepreneurs

A Kape + Teknolohiya session was held at the conference room of UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub in Diliman, Quezon City last October 10, 2012 featuring Mr. Arnel Guiang.

Mr. Guiang, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur was more than willing to share his takes on how his companies have evolved over time and how he himself started with a degree in computer engineering to a full-blown businessman. He also shared his strategy from previously focusing on release of new products to what is now custom-development to tailor-fit the needs of his clients.

The event, which was targeted towards a select group, paved way for sharing between representatives of Juan Great Leap, Babypips, MemoKitchen, Systema Corp., Technominds Eascom, De La Salle University, PCIEERD-DOST, and DOST-UP Enterprise Center. Discussions on how to nurture kids’ entrepreneurial spirit to Java development and boot strapping for prototype releases were amongst the topics. The group was also able to voice their concerns towards software woes, market shifts, and angel investing. Indeed, a few hours with this group was worth all the knowledge gained.

For more on Arnel Guiang’s company, please feel free to check his site at with each of his portfolios found at,,,,,


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AyalaTBI’s TechBootCamp

We received quite a number of inquiries about the TechBootCamp.  If you didn’t hear about it, the AyalaTBI had its third run last year on November 22, 29 and December 6 at the TechnoHub-AyalaTBI along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

Entitled “From Upstarts to Startups,” the TechBootCamp was exclusively designed for the University of the Philippines (UP) System and was open only to teams of UP students, faculty members, and alumni from the different UP constituent units nationwide.

Post mentoring is currently on-going and winning teams will receive funding from the UP Diliman Foundation and the UP Diliman Office of the Chancellor. (The TBC served as a mechanism for selecting the pilot incubating businesses for pre-incubation at the National Engineering Center facility of the UP College of Engineering)

Last year’s  panel of expert technologists and venture capitalists were: Arie Bernardo, Principal, WTP Capital, LLC; Chan Miranda, President and CEO, E-Apply, Inc.; Dondi Mapa, Process Director, Dell International Services; Dan Pagulayan, Executive Director, ICCP Venture Partners; David Cruz III, President, Neugent Technologies; Ed Isidro, President and Founder, Philippine Venture Capital Investment Group; Dickie Gonzalez, President, Philippine Emerging Startups Open; Boy Teodoro, Head, Innovation Development Division of Globe; Paco Sandejas, Managing Director, Narra Venture Partners; Troy Borja, President, Systema Corporation; Greg Tangonan, Director, Ateneo Innovation Center; Bill Luz, Executive Vice President, Ayala Foundation; Harvey Libarnes, Head, Incubation Program, Globe; Chito Oreta, Managing Director, Ayala Corporation; Michi Barcelon, Senior Manager, Ayala Foundation; Paul Inventado, Assistant Professor, De La Salle University; Chicho Mantaring, Head, Philippine Design and Engineering, Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.; and Ricky Jacinto, Managing Director, Ayala Corporation.

TechBootCamp is conducted by AyalaTBI in partnership with Brain Gain Network and the Philippine Emerging Startups Open.

Stay tuned.

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Inauguration Video of UP-Ayala Land TechnoHUb

The TechnoHUb is home to AyalaTBI’s new technology business incubator, where twelve tech startups now hold office.

The TechnoHUb is expected to set the standard for all future S & T parks in the country and to be on a par with the leading research universities abroad, such as the Tsukuba Science City at University of Tsukuba; the Singapore Science Park at the National University of Singapore; Haidan Science Park at the University of Beijing; Silicon Valley at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California; and Route 128 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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A .tiff is worth a thousand text: AyalaTBI gets spanking new logos

The past couple of weeks we eagerly anticipated the new logos for Kape + Teknolohiya and TechBootCamp, two of our main projects at AyalaTBI.

This upgrade in our look symbolizes the new developments and challenges we face at AyalaTBI as we raise the bar in our programs to contribute to raising our global competitiveness in a big way.

Our flagship project, the TechBootCamp, promises to be more ambitious as it improves it scalability and replicability in order to create more jobs for skilled and talented Filipinos and ensure brain gain.

We are improving on our technology forums by progressing into more pressing issues our country faces, such as renewable energy and biodiversity, because we believe in the role of science and technology in national development.

We have three additional incubators in Luzon and the Visayas, and soon, we will expand our base of operations to the TechnoHub-AyalaTBI inside UP-Ayala Land TechnoHub, which is envisioned to be on a par with the leading S&T parks all over the world.


You may have seen it while driving down Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. This additional station will serve as the gateway to AyalaTBI’s broader network of incubators. 

Finally, even our communication materials have gotten a facelift.

With all these new and exciting things happening at AyalaTBI, we saw it fit to mark the times with a spanking new look.

The new look of AyalaTBI represents characteristics that we value both in a company and in technology—straightforward, innovative and agile. A simple graphic that is immediately recognizable, iconic of the technology landscape we move in, becomes necessary in the logo designs.

Our people and our partners are some of the brightest, most open-minded individuals in the field of technology entrepreneurship. We want the new logos to capture their in-depth knowledge, the clarity of their expertise, and their quiet intensity for their advocacies. Hence, clean lines and stark simplicity mark the design.

Most importantly, we want the logos to show a bit of sense of humor. Because, hey, innovation is about breaking new ground and the work is an uphill climb—we can all use a good dose of it, right?

We have been lucky to find a group of design mavericks from Ideals Creatives (thanks Dan, Marielle, and Rhea!) who believed in what we do and who were up to the task of creating a new look that will embody all these! It has been great learning experience working with them.

So, finally, here are the two new logos:


Kape + Teknolohiya


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AyalaTBI part of int’l think tank on incubation in high-growth ICT sector

Bill Luz announces AyalaTBI's participation in the infoDev think tank and Southeast Asian conference on business incubation

 AyalaTBI just received news that it is now part of an international working group on business incubation targeting high-growth ICT enterprise development, which recently received a grant from infoDev. The working group consists of 12 countries, and the Philippines, through AyalaTBI, is the only country from Southeast Asia to be part of this international “think tank” as infoDev calls it. 

Read more.

Shown in photo is Ayala Foundation’s Bill Luz announcing AyalaTBI’s recent infoDev grant as well as its lead participation in the Southeast Asian conference on business incubation at the Innovation Forum session of Luis Sarmenta of MIT.

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Two TechBootCamps in 2008!

AyalaTBI is now ramping up for TechBootCamp, which will be held at the TechnoHub-AyalaTBI along Commonwealth, and for the first time we are bringing it to Cebu.

Bringing the TechBootCamp to the provinces helps us develop a more inclusive system that will identify and nurture technology enterprises across the country for a more equitable development.

Visit our website for updates on the TechBootCamp in the next couple of weeks as we firm up plans for it, and we look forward to your participation.

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GMANews.TV: Biotechnology tapped to develop alternative fuels

According to a news item from GMANews.TV, Filipino scientists from UP and Ateneo are “in the thick of the search for alternative fuels,” combing the resources of our archipelago for microbiological materials. The Philippines is considered a biodiversity hotspot, however, much of it can offer remains untapped, and unfortunately, also under threat from practices that harm the ecological balance. According to the news, biotechnology advocates are “pushing for the extraction of oil from malunggay seeds, which have 35 percent oil content, and these have edged out jatropha plants as viable sources of biodiesel.” Former Philippine agriculture secretary William Dar is “pushing for sweet sorghum as an energy source, particularly now that global heating is luring researchers into taking a good look at tropical plants for fuel.”

Dr. Dar’s work as Director General ofthe International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) near Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India, is well known and this September he will be a guest speaker at AyalaTBI’s Innovation Forum in Makati and Cagayan de Oro.

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