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AyalaTBI’s TechBootCamp

We received quite a number of inquiries about the TechBootCamp.  If you didn’t hear about it, the AyalaTBI had its third run last year on November 22, 29 and December 6 at the TechnoHub-AyalaTBI along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City.

Entitled “From Upstarts to Startups,” the TechBootCamp was exclusively designed for the University of the Philippines (UP) System and was open only to teams of UP students, faculty members, and alumni from the different UP constituent units nationwide.

Post mentoring is currently on-going and winning teams will receive funding from the UP Diliman Foundation and the UP Diliman Office of the Chancellor. (The TBC served as a mechanism for selecting the pilot incubating businesses for pre-incubation at the National Engineering Center facility of the UP College of Engineering)

Last year’s  panel of expert technologists and venture capitalists were: Arie Bernardo, Principal, WTP Capital, LLC; Chan Miranda, President and CEO, E-Apply, Inc.; Dondi Mapa, Process Director, Dell International Services; Dan Pagulayan, Executive Director, ICCP Venture Partners; David Cruz III, President, Neugent Technologies; Ed Isidro, President and Founder, Philippine Venture Capital Investment Group; Dickie Gonzalez, President, Philippine Emerging Startups Open; Boy Teodoro, Head, Innovation Development Division of Globe; Paco Sandejas, Managing Director, Narra Venture Partners; Troy Borja, President, Systema Corporation; Greg Tangonan, Director, Ateneo Innovation Center; Bill Luz, Executive Vice President, Ayala Foundation; Harvey Libarnes, Head, Incubation Program, Globe; Chito Oreta, Managing Director, Ayala Corporation; Michi Barcelon, Senior Manager, Ayala Foundation; Paul Inventado, Assistant Professor, De La Salle University; Chicho Mantaring, Head, Philippine Design and Engineering, Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.; and Ricky Jacinto, Managing Director, Ayala Corporation.

TechBootCamp is conducted by AyalaTBI in partnership with Brain Gain Network and the Philippine Emerging Startups Open.

Stay tuned.


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