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Well, we at AyalaTBI like to call it the “networking reception,” an academic calls it “building your external social capital,” and to rephrase its definition to Christine Comaford-Lynch, CEO of business accelerator Mighty Ventures, networking is a way to “be fun and financed.”

There are tons of good and practical advice in the Internet on how to make networking work for you, from arming yourself with business cards to where to hold your drinking glass (left hand, so the right is always ready for the next handshake) and how much eye contact is comfortable (60%) and how much is creepy (more than 60%).

Of course, it’s best to practice and get yourself pumped with goals for the evening. Networking is a skill not a sixth sense we are all endowed with so practicing is not as lame as it sounds.

Ask yourself: “Why am I going? What do I need to accomplish? What can I give to the group?” Obsess over the rules and the advice (“Am I going over 60%? Am I being creepy now? What about now?) during a networking event and that crucial positive impression you’re trying to make is shot.

Comaford-Lynch’s feature on networking in Business Week is riddled with buzzwords that can actually serve as fun mnemonic mantras to networking challenges like lack of time and follow-through. An advice she offers is the “drive-by schmooze.” The practice seems the elevator-pitch counterpart of networking and a vital technique when there’s little time to make sure that your connections are meaningful to your business. There is also the “Rolodex Dip,” which strengthens the connection established during the networking reception and serves as crucial follow-through that most people often neglect come morning.

Whatever the phrase or your perspective of it, networking at AyalaTBI’s Innovation Forum and Kape@Teknolohiya sessions should work to your advantage. The people of AyalaTBI are also there to help with the networking, so just approach us and ask to be introduced to those people who might be relevant to the work you do.

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Next: Ok, but does networking truly work?


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